PUBG Mobile has no permission to launch in India, says IT Ministry

Ministry of physics and knowledge Technology has aforementioned it’s not granted permission to PUBG Mobile Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} to launch in India. The future of PUBG Mobile India has begun to appear bleak. Troubles for the heavily censored version of smash-hit battle royale game awaiting government’s nod to launch in India don’t appear to finish. The Ministry of physics and knowledge Technology has apparently not granted permission to PUBG Mobile India, the ministry aforementioned in an exceedingly response to 2 separate RTI requests.




The MeitY has even aforementioned that it “does not grant permission for beginning any websites/mobile apps/service” once replying to the 2 RTI applications. One RTI was filed by MediaNama recently whereas another was lodged by GEM Esports. each RTI applications inquired if the Ministry has granted PUBG Mobile Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} the permission to debut in India via Google and Apple’s app stores. If true, the new development comes as a reversal to PUBG Corporation that ordered out a multi-faceted decide to bring back PUBG Mobile to India, though in an exceedingly slightly new avatar to appease the govt., critics, and fogeys.


PUBG Mobile was prohibited in India earlier this year because of its linkage with China’s Tencent that, per the Indian government, expose a security threat to the country. PUBG Corporation cannot act with the launch of PUBG Mobile India while not the government’s consent since a version of the sport is prohibited by law. Launching the PUBG Mobile India game would mean breaking the law. And since that’s not the thanks to set about the launch of the app, PUBG Corporation did create changes to the battle royale, that emerged because the top-grossing mobile game of the year 2020. PUBG Mobile has undergone censorship wherever blood spill has been replaced with the inexperienced hit impact and naked avatars with fully-clothed ones.


however it appears these tricks aren’t convincing enough for the govt., that is continuous to keep up its firm stance. The reason why the govt. isn’t budging on permitting the sport might need to try to to a lot of with its call that’s deemed as taken within the interest of the country. permitting PUBG Mobile India would mean, though not essentially, that the other company whose app(s) were prohibited may rebrand their app and request approval from the govt.. this can be a difficult state of affairs as a result of PUBG Mobile, that was prohibited by the govt., isn’t in hand by the Chinese firm Tencent.



Tencent solely holds commercial enterprise rights of PUBG Mobile whereas the PUBG informatics lies with Krafton-owned PUBG Corporation. PUBG Mobile Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} appears a unique entity as a result of Krafton has gone as way on make sure the user knowledge collected from India stays among the country borders. It signed a modify Microsoft for Azure Cloud, that has 2 purposeful knowledge servers within the country.


PUBG Corporation even got a brand new Indian company referred to as PUBG Mobile India registered with the Ministry of company Affairs some days back in Bengaluru. From wherever things stand, the RTI reply that MeitY has given doesn’t work the case. PUBG Corporation or Krafton haven’t commented on the ministry’s reply to the RTI applications.


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