Sonu Sood A Farmer’s Daughters pull His Plough cask Me

Dedicated to people who add acres, not hours. These aren’t my very own lines; I recall having scan them once. Borrowed lines however such an ideal work after I flip the pages of my American statemory and consider the visual that in remission me on it Sabbatum, twenty five Gregorian calendar month 2020. A journalist, Krishnamurthy – to whom i am indebted for conveyance this to my awareness – had uploaded a video clip and tweeted a couple of tomato farmer in Madanapalle in Chittoor district. The farmer’s daughters were getting used, rather than the standard oxen, to plough his field. It was therefore disturbing; not a picture you wished to envision. Those women ought to are at school and not pull the plough.



However, I wasn’t willing to let it get American state down. That visual was stuck in my head – a indigent father giving a hand to his daughters whereas the mother scattered fertiliser on the fields. once i am troubled, I even have internal debates with myself. That day, I told myself that on the one hand we have a tendency to claim our daughters ar our pride, whereas on the opposite we have a tendency to let our daughters plough the sector like oxen. ‘Vision while not action remains a dream,’ aforementioned author and govt Joel Barker. i could not simply sit back and picture that my fellow feeling from miles away would telepathically alter the destiny of the 2 young women.


I had to be the person of action that I knew myself to be. Once again, my a few years of labor in province stood American state in sensible office as I tapped my contacts within the state to search out out additional regarding this farmer and his family. among hours, the small print poured in. I learnt that his name was Nageswara Rao, and therefore the distressing visual on social media was from his farm during a village about to Chittoor. though I’ve shot extensively within the state, i might ne’er been to Chittoor district.


Now, this became an extra place on my list of should visit places. By 9.30 p.m. that very same Sabbatum, my friends from Andhra provided American state with more details. They even gave American state his signal, and that i connected with Nageswara Rao in person. He told American state that he ran a tea stall in Madanapalle, his village. however the pandemic had forced the shutters down on his little business, creating him stare at indigence and hunger.


My folks in Andhra had already ferreted out details of however pitiable his and his family’s condition was. On the spur of the instant, I secure Nageswara that i might forthwith organize 2 oxen for him, so his women may well be started out the yoke. He was therefore excited at my supply that he known as American state back among minutes to mention that the oxen were offered in Tirupati, and once he had the money, he might rush there and obtain them. Without giving it a lot of thought, I assured Nageswara that he’d get the money to shop for the oxen.


It took many additional moments for the tube light-weight in my brain to remove darkness from as i spotted that a tractor – and not oxen – would be the perfect answer to the present family’s issues. If animals were utilized on the sector, over one person would still be required to toil at the side of the oxen, whereas a tractor would ease their lives significantly. So, I modified my mind and privy Nageswara that rather than causation him cash for oxen, i might have a tractor delivered to him the terribly next day.


however I required a promise from him reciprocally – that he would see thereto that his daughters pursued their education. The hearty Punjabi in American state had spoken on AN impulse. however shortly at that time spoken language, reality hit American state. I twisted and turned in my sleep. subsequent day was a Sunday and that we were underneath a imprisonment. however on earth was I getting to keep my promise to Nageswara and have a tractor on his field subsequent day? however i might given my word.


Punjabiyaan prosecutor vaada mattered. Here i need to tell you that Punjabis ar captivated with farming. we have a tendency to sympathize with the farming community in additional ways in which than one. Another aside is, a tractor are a few things each young boy from geographical area has either driven or ridden on. Fortunately on behalf of me, by currently my name preceded American state. folks everyplace wished to assist in no matter method they might and be an area of this front.


On Sunday morning, I known as my friend Karan Gilhotra, UN agency is from Chandigarh, and asked him to search out out the contact of office in province, as a result of I wished a tractor delivered to a farmer on AN SOS basis. I stressed to him that I required that tractor to be delivered to Nageswara that terribly day. Karan known as up the native Andhra agent of Sonalika Tractors, one in every of the leading tractor corporations in Asian nation. although it had been their weekly off, once the fellows accomplished that the request had return from American state and was extremely necessary, they fast my request. And voila! – around five p.m. constant day, Nageswara had a latest tractor standing on his field.


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